Arkadiusz Cieslowski

After many years working in Europe with clients in more than 20 countries, Arkadiusz has the ability to quickly identify the challenges companies face when looking to expand and to develop a detail oriented plan, focused on overcoming obstacles. From logistics to marketing to increasing revenue, he is an expert in ensuring details are covered and expectations are exceeded.

With years of experience in Europe, North and South America, our professional management team has the skills, knowledge and hands on experience to help you set and reach your goals.  We focus on B2B business development, strategy and sales process optimization all with one focus:  to bring value to companies (big and small) who need a high quality business development strategy and more importantly RESULTS


Fiona Campbell

Experience, tenacity and and a network that spans North and South America, has enabled Fiona to become extremely well known and respected as a specialist across many different market segments, with clients in multiple countries.  Her focus is on finding new channels and developing and executing a solid strategic plan to help companies expand with results they didn't think would be possible.